We have seen::

  • toy sensors that had to be thrown away when the battery was low,
  • disposables that provide a number per day or hour (and how do you know, for example, if the vibrations were an alarm or if someone was using a hammer nearby?),
  • mouths filled with the word "artificial intelligence" when there were only 2 neurons (vibration, heating), and it was not even able to understand if a machine was off or on
  • experts mentioning "machine-learning" when it had to us the ones to affirm in advance a tolerance for each value taken,

It was nice to see a number in an app and sell it as a solution... But how useful was it really?

But, what if we now had a universal expandable permanent detection system, consisting of gateway + platform + pushnotifier, open, autotuning, IoT, machine learning, all-in-one and not a complicated set of pieces, incorporating the brightest artificial intelligence for anomaly detection? And that it not only receives data, but that it can also send remote commands from an app ("slow down", "stop", etc.)?

We would then find ourselves in front of something that can really do predictive maintenance but, above all, that can do much more than that. A dream? No, it's already there. We invented and patented it. It's called DOCTOR 4.0

Industrial invention patent No. 102021000024412


DOCTOR 4.0 is usually used to analyse the operation of a motor, but it can be used universally for different purposes. It can be applied not just on motors, but also on gearboxes, pumps, fans, etc ...

DOCTOR 4.0 can be connected to any motor size, type, power, and speed, because, thanks to the sending of a data packet per second, it learns normal and abnormal operation by itself.

Even if DOCTOR 4.0 detected data can be expanded by connecting further sensors, it all already includes in its hardware sensors or :

  • temperature [°C]
  • vibrations [mm/sec]
  • noise (dB),
  • magnetic flux [Wb]
  • Partial and total working time [h]

By connecting via the portal to its cloud platform , you can :

  • Geolocalize;
  • Understand the normal operation of the machine;
  • See and manage temperature, vibration, noise and flow thresholds.
  • Receive push notifications of abnormal trends,
  • Send commands from your app (power on, off, change of speed, etc).

DOCTOR 4.0 is not a "disposable" whose useful life is that of its batteries and which, in order to save on battery life, must severely limit the data that can be transmitted. DOCTOR 4.0 is supplied directly from the line (12-24Vdc power supply), or via PoE (Power over Ethernet).

In this way the granularity of the data can be one packet sent per second, thus allowing to really understand what is happening on the machine being monitored.

DOCTOR 4.0 does not require additional external devices to operate (plc, data loggers, etc.). It is connected directly to the cloud platform

Engineered and manufactured in Italy

Our predictive maintenance system was designed and developed in Italy using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms. It constantly monitors the conditions of the systems, preventing breakdowns and prolonging their life. Choosing our system means investing in high quality Italian technology and in a team of industry experts.

Download the manual Download DOCTOR 4.0 user manual (PDF)